Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29th - evening

Well today has been a day of disappointments. They have taken me off of all but one nausea drug because of what happened last night. We will see how I handle the chemo tonight without the other drugs. Last week there was a discrepancy with the bone marrow evaluation so they took another test this week. This weeks results showed the leukemia cells have risen significantly. We have been moved to the "high risk" catagory and a bone marrow transplant is needed now. The process has already started and a pre-screening has already found several possible matches in the donor bank. We meet with the bone marrow transplant team tomorrow and will know more then. It takes about two months before the transplant takes place. We will continue with this round of chemo and the next one is supposedly really nasty.

We are having a special fast this Sunday and would like everyone to remember me in your fast. Love, Trent.

August 29th

Well to be honest things are not going very well right now. Yesterday we came back to the hospital and I had a couple more tests before coming to my room. I really did not want to come back but I pretended that I did pretty well. I fell asleep pretty quick from the nausea drugs and the fact that I did not sleep well the night before. Chemo started last night and I get pretty ornery and difficult. Last night was a bad night because the medication made me hallucinate and I was up all night screaming about the spiders crawling on me. Hopefully the doctors can figure out what is making this happen because it is new. Keep us in your prayers please. Love, Trent.

Monday, August 27, 2007

August 27th

Well today went okay. My white blood count stayed the same at 300 and all the other levels are starting to go down. I had another bone marrow aspirate (removed bone marrow) and a lumbar punch today. Mom took me to get a shake after we were done. We are tenatively scheduled to check back into the hospital tomorrow afternoon. They told us to expect about the same length of stay as the first time. That means it will be about five weeks. I'm not very excited about going back. Talk to you all later. Love, Trent.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26th

Well we are getting ready to go back into the hospital. I was not able to do very much at all while I was home. The U. was jealous so they sent a visitor, and I was able to get a family picture taken. Thanks to all. Love, Trent.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25th

Well not much has taken place in the last few days. My levels stayed the same as the beginning of the week so we don't know what that will mean on Monday. Monday afternoon I go in for another bone marrow aspirate and possibly a lumbar punch. We have been told that we will probably go back into the hospital on Tuesday. I'm don't really want to go back but at least I get room service again. Mom has been trying to pack since they will be moving while I'm in the hospital. I know that some of you wanted to visit before I go back to the hospital but my levels never came up and are actually dropping so I will not be able to have any visitors. Hopefully next time I can see some people when I come home.

A motorcycle ride has been organized in my behalf. It is planned for Saturday September 8th. Registration is from 8:30 - 9:00 at the Exxon/Common Cents on Bangerter Hwy and I-15 (exit 289) The ride leaves at 9:00 and is planned to be about four hours long. If anyone wants to attend or get more info. you can call Mike G. 209-7062 or Mike D. 209-9675. Thank. Love, Trent

Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23rd

Dr. Barnette called with good news. The results are good. He said the the bone marrow had no more than 10% Leukemis cells. So I will continue the way we first originally thought. I will go in the first of next week and have another bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncter. Then the next day I will be admitted and start the 2nd round of chemo. I am sad I have to go back but excited to be waited on hand and foot, Mom refused to do that at home, imagine! Well I am glad there is good news and hope everyone is doing well.

Love Trent

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22nd

It was a very hard night for me! I woke up every hour untl 2:30 throwing up. It was not fun. Mom laughs because everytime I threw up I had a smile on my face and I made a cute comment. I hope nobody else is sick out there!! The results from the pathologists have not returned today so hopefully tommorrow we will find out! Have a great day!!

Love Trent

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 21st

Well the test results have come back and we still don't have a definite answer as there are competing test results. They run my bone marrow through two tests, microscopic and flow symetry(or something close to it). The microscopic test showed 5% leukemia cells left. This is not the best thing as the first round of chemo should have killed all of them. The flow test showed 17% leukemia cells left which is very bad. Because there is such a discrepancy the test have been forwarded to a pathologist for review and determination of which one is correct. They are leaning towards the 5% but we will find out what the pathologist says tomorrow. Either way we now will probably have to wait until next week before we go back to the hospital. I have been doing good but tonight I began feeling sick and threw up. I hate to throw up. Mom and dad are hoping I don't have the flu. Well will let everyone know what we find out tomorrow. Thank you again. Love, Trent.

Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20,

Today started so early I was up by 6:45 to go to the hospital!! They tested my blood and my levels went down I am now at 300 my body is all confused!! Even my platlets and red blood cells are going down. Dr. Barnette says it can be two things 1- we came home when my counts were very low so they are still coming up slowly and we will start chemo when they are up which he thinks will be 1 wk or 2- the leukemia cells are back with a vengence and waiting for them to come up will never happen so they will start chemo this week. I am hoping for another week it just sounds better. I did great with the bone marrow aspirate. Mom came in the room with me when the Dr. put the sleeping medicine in, I lasted for not even 1 sec. Mom was shocked, she said a couple of times "Dude open your eyes" she thought I was teasing like I so often do. But I tricked her I was totally asleep! During the procedure I guess I was moving around a lot & the Dr. didn't like it so he put more sleeping medicine in me, then I gues I got the hiccups and he put more medicine in me! So I was sleeping for a very very long time. The nurse in recovery told me I set a new record for sleeping the longest after a procedure. Love you all


Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16,

Well my levels have stayed the same they are at 400. So I will not be going back to the hospital until next week. On Monday I go in to have a bone marrow asparate. It is where they will test the bone marrow to see if the leukemia cells are gone or still there. If my levels are high enough they will do a lumbar puncture to make sure the leukemia is still out of my spinal fluids. So YAHOO we get to stay home another weekend,WE are all so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15th

My blood tests from Monday came back and showed that my counts are rising but are still not where they need to be. Once they raise I get to go back to the hospital. They took blood tonight so we will see where we are at tomorrow. Tonight, Sister Atkinson brought me a surprise. It was the true school's t-shirt with signatures from the BYU football team. I want to thank Sister Atkinson, Bishop Buckner, Kellen Fowler, and the rest of the awesome BYU football team for taking the time to sign the shirt. The gift made my night. I will not be able to attend any games this year (even though we have season tickets) but I now have something to remember the season. This new shirt will not be worn as a night shirt as my other one was. I have more respect for it. It is going to be framed and hung in my room. I'm not sure who was more excited Brad, mom, or me. There will be plenty of cheers coming from my hospital room. Thanks again for everything. Love, Trent.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12,

Today was great. I wanted to go to church but Dad & Mom said no there was way to many germs. Tonight me, Brad and Nathan went crazy playing, we got in our pillows hopped & ran around in the hall. After we settled down I noticed my dressing was coming off of my central line. So Mom for the first time on her own changed my bandage she was very nervous, but did great. Everything is going well we noticed a little puss by my central line todady so we will just watch it. Hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for everything.

Love Trent

Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11th

Well I've been home for a couple of days now and am having fun. It is fun to play with my brothers and be able to walk around the apartment. The days are short because I'm trying to catch up and play with all the toys I have. No more staying up late now, I have to go to bed with my brothers. I'm usually pretty tired and the first to fall asleep though. My home nurse came last night and talked with mom and dad. She will come two times a week and take my blood. When one of my levels rises we have to go back to the hospital for my second stay. Hopefully I get to stay home for about a week. Thanks to everyone. Love, Trent.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 9th

After 5 1/2 weeks I'm finally home!!!!! I was so excited I kept jumping up & down on my bed yelling "thank you thank you". I was released about 1:30 p.m. and got home about 3:00. I told Mom on the way home "It's good to be back in the good life"! I was getting very tired of the hospital but not the nurses they are the coolest!! I will be home for about 7-10 days or until my levels go up to over 1000. Then back to the hospital for the 2nd round of chemo. I will have a home health care nurse come on Monday & Thursday to take blood. Mom will change my dressing and Dad & Mom will watch for anything not normal. My levels are still very very low so right now I can't have any kid visitors. Hopefully soon I can! Basically I will be confined to my house instead of my hospital room. I am so excited to be home to play with brothers and be some what normal. My brothers are very excited also we will play & have so much fun!!! Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Love Trent

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August 8th

Today has been about the same. My levels are still at 100 , platlets and red blood cells are holding their own. Dr. Lemons came in today Mom asked how much longer we would be here he said that we might go home tommorrow that my levels have to go up 2 to 3 days in a row. So tommorrow when I wake up we will find out if I can go home for a week. I am so excited I started to jump up and down on my bed and saying "Heavenly Father please let me go home please!" I can't wait to go home to play with my brothers and have more room to move around!! Thanks for everything.

Love Trent

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August 7th

Well some of my levels are rising but my white cell count is still in the basement. One doctor told us that it may be another two weeks to a month before we come home. Mom was not happy with that answer but there is nothing we can do. No fever so today is a good day. I'm still happy but mom and dad can tell that I'm getting worn down with the long stay. As you can see I still have my fun attitude. No I haven't switched my loyalty from BYU but the shirt was free and works to sleep in. Thank for all the prayers, Love, Trent.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5th

Well tomorrow is five weeks that we've been in the hospital. My levels are not sure what they are doing, one day I'm at 100 and the next day I'm at zero. I cannot leave my room until I get to at least 500. I've been having fun with Grandpa and Grandpm DuVal. Aunt Michelle stayed with me last night, we had fun. Thanks for everything, Love Trent.

Friday, August 3, 2007

August 3rd

Well my levels are still at zero and my platelets went down today. I don't think my body knows what it is doing. My Grandma DuVal , Grandpa DuVal, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Jeff, Zach, and Haley all came from Oregon to visit me today. We have been having fun.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 2nd

Today my levels actually went down to zero, Mom just rolls her eyes! My platelets went up a lot today. I got a blood transfussion today and I forgot I was hooked up to it & kept wanting to walk away from it yikes! Tonight I scared the poor tech, she hates snakes and I kept teasing her with the stuffed snake I have she had to leave the room. It was so funny. Goodnight

Love Trent

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1

Today was the same as yesterday. My platlets are going up my levels are staying the same and are still low. Grandma Hansen came up to play with me. Nathan started Kindergarten today so Mom stayed with him, and Dad went to work. The nurse did a bad thing today. She came to weigh me and let me go out of my room for a few seconds Mom was not happy, me and Dad just kind of looked at her like she was crazy. Let's just say I won't be able to do that again until my levels are up. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer! Have fun & play hard for me.

Love Trent