Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th

I had a blast last night at the Utah Jazz home game. I want to thank President Ollis and the Utah Jazz for getting me there. I met the Jazz players they are so big with big hands and feet. My brothers only dream of being big and tall. Okur gave me his sweat bands from the first half they were still sweaty so cool, mom could barely touch them. Thanks again President you made my night! Have a great day and a Happy Halloween.
Love Trent


We would like to thank everyone that has made donations in our behalf. The support has been amazing and humbling. There are lots of people that want to assist but at this time we feel that we have sufficient for our needs. If you would like to still "do something" we would ask that you donate to Primary Children's hospital, a cancer organization of your choice, or donate blood at the next opportunity. The support we have seen is a testament of Christ's love and those striving to follow him. Any excess donation funds will be re-donated to families that we have come to know from our time in the hospital and who are going through similiar trials. Thank you. Love, Jeff and Tiffany.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 28th: Having fun

1st picture: Family
2nd picture: Me wearing my new "Team DuVal" shirts that Andrew Felsted and his family had made for us.
3rd picture: Out for a walk, several people wanted to come along.
4th picture: Make-a-Wish dropped off a few friends for me to play with the for week.

Trent's Army bracelets

"Trent's Army" bracelets. Trent has some rubber bracelets that he would like to give people. If you would like a bracelet please email Jen Goodrich. She will be handing them out. Her email is

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 25th

1st picture: a fun time
2nd picture: a not so fun time w/ an ice pack on my head.
Well things are pretty much the same. Today I got up early at 11:30. I only have about two hours a day that I have enough energy to do anything. I went to the trunk or treat last night for about an hour. I was a little anxious with all the people around because it's been a long time since I've been around more than just my family. It was fun but it wiped me out. Hope everyone is having a good Sabbath day. Love, Trent.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

(Jnote) Quiet at the Duvals

I know everyone has been waiting patiently to hear about anything going on for Trent. He is one very tired boy. He needs a lot of sleep. He has a few hours a day when he really does things. The family has just kind of been playing it be ear. Sometimes he's checking on the blog, Lego's, craft time, or maybe a quick visit with someone. He has nurses and parents who care for every need. Thanks everyone who has been keeping up with the blog, he feels your love.

p.s. Trent went to Trunk'n treat tonight, what a trooper!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23rd

Just having fun. I fever about every other day I get Tylenol and it goes for a while. We are going to see Beverly hills dog movie (we don't know how to spell the type of dog name). I am building lego's with my mom, I have already built 3 big Star War lego sets. I go to get platlets tommorrow not fun! I hope everyone has their costumes for Halloween it's coming soon. I am going to be Prince Peter from Narnia. Hope everyone has a good day.

Love Trent

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18th

I wanted to learn to cook so mom showed me how and I made yummy Oreo cookies. Grandapa DuVal got me my first hunting gun. It is so awesome!!! I finally got to see and play with my wooden sword I got for my birthday fun fun. I am having a fun time. My family from Oregon came to visit this weekend we are having fun.
Love Trent

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I've been doing

1st - BYU game last Saturday
2nd - Thursday hero with the BYU team
3rd - Horseback riding
4th - Night with all my cousins
5th - Hanging out at home

October 15th

I am having a blast with my family, they are wearing me out!!! Yesterday I had the honor of being the Thursday Hero for the BYU football team. Every week during the season the Y will honor someone. They made it a very special day for me and my family. They took us on a tour and we were able to watch the players practice for a while. It was awesome! I was able to meet all of the team and coaches, all I can say is WOW. They were big and very nice to me. I want to thank all those who put it together. I also want to thank Coach Mendenhall what a choice man you are. The spirit you carry is strong. You are a great example to me and many around you. Thanks so much. Good luck on the game Thursday win it big!!!

Love Trent

Lego Day (jnote)

Today he has asked for a quiet, stay home and do legos with his family day. He has done some fun activities and is very touched by everyones love and support. I'm working on getting some more photos posted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13th

Words cannot express the thanks we have for everyone who has helped in the miracle of today!! We want to thank Chick-Fil-A for the wonderful fundrasier they put on. We are so humbled and amazed at the wonderful people, friends and family who love Trent and our family so much. Trent is very lucky to have so many loving people to care for him he truly feels the love coming from everyone's generosity. Trent continues to have fun each day, we are wearing him out with the fun we are having as a family. He is doing well very tired but in good spirits. All he can about today is WOW. We are truly blessed in our lives. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Love, Trent & family

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11th

Thank everyone for everything!! My family and I feel your prayers every minute of the day. We have been having so much fun doing things as a family. I have eaten the fast food I have wanted for so so long. It is good but I only handle a little. I am not in pain and still am making my family laugh. Dad and Grandpa gave me a blessing last night, it was beautiful. I know all will be well. I will not be in anymore pain or hurt, my family will also be ok. I will miss them terribly but they tell me time is different so I will have faith in that. To all my little friends please know I will miss you and await the time I can see you again. I have sure missed playing and having fun with each of you. I know everyone has to work through many feelings but please promise me not to be angry with Heavenly Father. He loves each and everyone of you and knows what is best for each of us. It is in his plan that I return to him, my time is over and I am ready to go. Please know I did not give up I would continue to fight if it was what the Lord wanted please be at peace all will be well. Love you all


Friday, October 10, 2008

Oct 10 day 2 home (Jnote about Trent)

He made it home last night after a very long day. It takes a lot to get everything set up and learn the meds. His sweet family of five finally got their moment alone at 11pm. They are sleeping in this morning and looking forward to breakfast around the table. Trent tried very hard to make it to the REAL soccer game last night, but was very worn out. He had his dad take his brothers for part of it. After a good nap he finally got his Wendy's fix. It's been a long time since he's had fast food. He could handle one bite of the burger, fries and frosty, but it was sweet. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. We have received many calls and emails, Trent loves all of the pumpkins and balloons. Thank you for the snacks and cards. We are working on getting a love mail box set up, but for now things can still be dropped off across the street at my house. All of those who have offered to bring in meals, I will get with you soon, Trent still has a few cravings to satisfy first. The pumpkins look so cute with all of the signatures, there is a pen out there for anyone else that comes by. I will post more later about whats going on. Chick-fil-a fundraiser -see sidebar cows Thank you Everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Con't - October 8th

".....nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt." Mark 14:36

The experimental drug has been working and has started to get the graft v. host under control. This has allowed me to have a couple of good weeks. I have had very little pain, have been awake, and can get out of bed by myself. The whole purpose of striving for graft v. host was that it would kill off the remaining leukemia cells. Now that graft v. host is coming under control we have found the leukemia is still here. The graft v. host was the last chance I had to win the battle. I have fought hard for fifteen months and still want to keep fighting, however Heavenly Father has other plans for me. I will be going home tomorrow. We are going to have fun as a family and do whatever I want to do for as long as I can. We will let everyone know what is going on but right now we are only focused on coming home. Our Father in Heaven knows what is best and we have faith in Him. Thank you for the prayers and my love to all. Trent.

( Note from Jenni, Trent secretary) Jeff w/post in just a minute.

Sometimes things are day to day and the wait is hard, we will try to post info as often as possible. Please continue to leave comments on the site, that way they can read and respond at times they feel up to it. I 'll be helping to get info out ASAP, feel free to call 254-6080 or email me The Duvals are going to be very focused on Trents care and needs, so please try to refrain from visits and calls for now. They are so very blessed and are very thankful for all of your support. Watch the site for updates and info on events for Trent. The first thing we are going to do is welcome him home with some fun Halloween decorations. Anyone who would like to put some signs out or drop of a pumpkin is welcome too. We are also trying to get an absurd number of purple, green ,and orange balloons for his room ,those can be dropped of at my house across the street. We are trying to get everything we can by tomorrow, before the snow gets here. Thank you everyone for your love and understanding.

October 8th day +154

The last few days I have been throwing up yuck! The doctor wants to try and get my nose tube out but my gut is not liking that. I hate the nose tube and totally want it out but I don't want to throw up either. A few posts ago I told everyone I got my pic line out, that was the line in my arm, I still have my double lumen in my chest they can access. When that comes out I will be done with all of this! They are taking me off one of the antibacterial drugs today. They are going very slow with decreasing and taking me off these meds. Yesterday I finished with the 8th cell infusion. They are going to re-submit my case so I can get another 4weeks of cells. I am doing so much better and hope the cells continue to work. The coolest part is that I finally after 5 1/2 months have formed poop!!!!!! Well hope everyone has a great day.

Love Trent

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2nd day +148

1st picture- Trying to put the football helmet on
2nd picture- Oregon State general manager & student associate
3rd picture- Me holding the football helmet with players signatures
Today has been a fun day!! Thanks to my Uncle Jon, people from Oregon State football came to visit me, thanks Uncle Jon! They are playing the U tonight and hopefully will win go Beavers! Thank DVD, Jeff and Oregon State football team you made my day. I am amazed at the wonderful people who are willing to give their time to visit me!! I will be cheering loud for Oregon State good luck. Have a great day.
Love Trent