Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25th: day +8

Well things have been the same. Each day is filled with lots of meds, bloody nose, throwing up, mouth and throat sores, and just sitting around. Here are a few pictures, the first is of my new bone marrow before they gave it to me. Then there is how I currently spend my day, and that it playing with Legos. Last is a picture of my eye. The other day I was throwing up while my platelets were low and I burst a blood vessel in my eye. It does not hurt but it does not look very good. Thank you for everything. Love, Trent.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday November 24th

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I slept most of the day. I could not get any turkey down so I had the tpn. Yum, Yum. The week has been ok I got the pain button so I can use it 6 times an hour. It is very nice and I am able to keep my pain ok. Before I forget GO COUGARS!!! 17-10 I was sleeping through most of it but Mom listened to it and would scare me when she screamed. It sounds like it was a great game. Sorry Utah fans we know the best team won!!! My body is doing ok thank goodness there has been no infection. The worst is I throw up about once a day it stinks but they say that it's normal for bone marrow patients. Nothing much is new hope everyone is doing good and is off to a great holiday season.

Love Trent

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday November 19th

Well the mouth sores are here and getting worse each day!!! I told mom it feels like someone is taking a knife to my throat it hurst so bad!! They say it will be like this maybe a little worse until the bone marrow takes. They had me taking a pill for pain but it hurts to bad so every two hours they are giving me morphin and that works great. I am so hungry but everything I eat hurts so bad. I finally found some marshmellows and those don't hurt so I am living off them right now. Me and mom are trying to keep busy. I am pretty tired and feel icky most of the day so we talk a lot. Hope everyong has a great Thanksgiving week.

Love Trent

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17th: bone marrow birthday

Well today was the big day. It started off with my waking up and throwing up right away. I then went back to sleep until eleven and then woke up throwing up again. The donor got to the procedure late so the bone marrow missed the plane last night. The courier(volunteer) apparently drove to the nearest city with an airport to catch a flight this morning. The marrow got to the hospital about 1o:00 and then had to be prepared. I got the tranplant at 4:45. Everything has gone good, no reactions as of yet. My room was full of people today for my bone marrow birthday party. More mouth sores are starting to form and are supposed to get worse over the next three weeks until the bone marrow begins producing new cells. Thank you to everyone who came to visit in the last two days and for your prayers. Love, Trent.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

November15th: day -2 in process

I am so tired today. The chemo does 2 things to my body, one part kills all fast growing cells the other part goes to my kidney's and can damage them. So they put me on a ton of fluids so I can pee all the chemo out and so it won't damage my kidney's. Because of this they make me pee every 2 hours, again. I hate waking up in the night to pee. I gave mom & the nurse a hard time because I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Mom would have let me if the nurses were not there, but I know they are just doing what is best!!! So today is the last day of chemo thank goodness!!! I am so ready for a rest day it's not even funny! My throat hurts because of the mouth sores that are starting to form so I am not eating hardly anything. Tommorrow night they will probably put me on TPN (which is nutrition in my line) because I am not taking in enough calories. I asked the nurse why they didn't do it sooner cuz mom and dad kept trying to make me eat. She laughed. I want to tell everyone thanks for fasting and praying for me.

Love Trent

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14th: -3 day in process

Well I finished radiation yesterday with flying colors. Today I started chemo and it's been kind of hard. I was ok for the first few hours but after that the nausea started coming. It's been a tough day but I am excited I only have one more day left. Mom and I made Thanksgiving decorations for my room, it's very fun. Well thanks again for everything.

Love Trent

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday 11th: -6 day in process

Well today me and dad went a little crazy the nurse had to come and tell us to be quiet because a little boy in the room next to me is very sick and needed to sleep. So we tried the rest of the day to be quiet!!! I threw up this morning after I took my pills, UGH I hate to throw up!!! Other than that it's been a good day!!

Love Trent

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10th: -7 day in process

Well I'm now half way through with the radiation, only three more days left. Here are some pictures of the machine and how I look after being hooked up. Yesterday I slept most of the afternoon and was nauseated again. Today mom and dad are wondering if the machine even worked because I have been playing all day long with no problems. Thanks for the support. Love, Trent.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8th : day -9 in process

Well I made it through the day but it was not that fun. It started early because we had to check-in to the hospital first. They then drove us to the Huntsman Cancer Institute for the radiation treatment. It took about an hour in a half because they had to fit the lung shields they had made before we could start treatment. I then had to stand still while the machine sent the radiation into me. I had to stand for fifteen minutes while they did the front of my body and another fifteen minutes while they did the back of my body. I was tired after it was finished and nauseated. I slept for several hours this afternoon and they threw up several times tonight. Five more days of radiation to go. November 17th will be my "bone marrow birthday." I was happy when I found out I will now have two birthdays. The donor will be harvested on November 16th and I will get it on November 17th. Thanks for all the prayers. Love, Trent.

Update for Trent

The time for marrow is almost here. Trent ,Tiff & Jeff packed up and headed for PCMC this morning.****The latest update is the trtansplant has been moved up, they are starting everything today. He will get the bone marrow on Sat the 17th....

We are asking all to join us in prayer and fasting on Thur the 15th. Everyone has been so wonderful and I know Jeff and Tiff have felt of your love and our so very touched.

I thought it would be fun to let them share the love with the hospital and others so, I collecting M&M's for the them to pass out to the nurses and others in his unit. In honor of the "Marrow Man" donor and our little super Marrow Man. You can drop them off on the porch or bring them to me by Thursday night the 15th.

any ? call 254-6080 or email

Jenni Goodrich

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th

Well today I went in for some tests and was told that the bone marrow transplant process will start this Thursday. It was not what we were expecting. I spent all day today and will spend all day tomorrow going through tests. Thursday morning we will go into the hospital for six days of radiation, 2 days chemo, one day to rest, and then get my new bone marrow. Tonight we set up the Christmas tree and tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving dinner. Things are moving quite fast right now. Love, Trent.

Monday, November 5, 2007

November 5th 2007

I am doing good. This weekend I had a blast shooting my air soft gun and playing games with the family. Today I am getting a little sniffle so we hope it will go away soon!!! The bone marrow nurse called today and told us that the donor has been contacted and is willing to do it on the 21st of November. So I am staying home till the 21st. They then will do 10 days of total body radiation and chemo. On November 30th I will recieve the bone marrow transplant. I have to go up to Primary's to have some tests run. So the next few days me and mom will be up there for an echo, ekg, pulminary function test, and hearing test. It will be busy but I get to come back home so I am happy. I went to the dentist today to make sure I did not have any cavities, they do not want a cavity to go bad while I am in the bone marrow transplant. I have one, but the dentist is not to concerned so we will wait to see if it needs to be filled now or can wait till later. Well hope everyone is doing well.

Love Trent

Friday, November 2, 2007

November 2, 2007

I AM IN REMISSION!!! The 3rd round did it's job well!!! Dr. Barnette called about 5:00 and told us the good news. Mom ran out of her room yelling and gave me a great big bear hug. I then started screaming along with her and when we both calmed down I asked her "Mom what is remission"? We are totally having a party tonight!!! The plan now is for some blood work this coming week and then go back to the hospital to prepare for the bone marrow transplant a week from Monday. Thank you for all the prayers and for the fast. Love, Trent.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st

Well things are still going good. I stayed home with dad last night and we played with the air soft guns in the backyard. I couldn't go out for Halloween so I chose to play with dad. We went to the hospital today for a bone marrow aspirate and they slipped in a lumbar punch also. The Dr. is supposed to call us tomorrow afternoon with the results and what the next step will be. For now no information on when we will have to go back to the hospital other than we will probably be in for Thanksgiving. Love, Trent.