Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30: day +115

She has been found! Thanks to the Madsen family! They took her in and found her home through KSL's website. We need help! Today our dog Peanut decided she wanted to go on a walk while the door was open. She did not have her collar on because she is always in the house. Peanut does not know the neighborhood because she only goes in the backyard. Trent does not know Peanut is gone and we would rather not tell him. We are asking for everyone to keep an eye out for Peanut. Thanks.

Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29th day +114

1st picture- My tummy feels better when it's wrapped, my belly button is huge and swollen.
2nd picture- Me with my washed hair
3rd pitcure- My swollen ankles and feet
Yesterday doc's came in and told me I was positive for the Cdiff virius. It's a virius in your stomach that comes out your poop. It is very contagious so we have to be very careful and wash our hands like crazy. They are hoping that is one of the reasons I am pooping so much.
Again we will wait and see in a few days. Have a good one.
love Trent

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27th day +112

It's been a great day. They upped my morphin again, and I am feeling good. Yesterday I went on a walk with mom and dad I was exhausted by the end of the night. Yesterday was probably the best day I have had in weeks. I was more myself than I have been in a long time. Mom and Dad were so excited. One of my nurses is trying everything she can to get me a super cool new toilet!!! It has a padded back and feet rests!! They are worried about my feet cause they are so huge hopefully I can get the toilet. By the end of the week hopefully they will see if the shots worked but it could take till next week. On Sunday the 31st our ward is doing a ward fast for me so if anyone wants to join I would love it, and thank you ahead of time! Hope everyone has a great holiday have a blast for me!!

Love Trent

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23rd day +108

Shots are done!!! Dad and Mom said I did awesome!! My legs are just a little sore. My pooping is getting out of control. I am pooping anywhere from 1800-2100cc a day. The doc's say it's because of the antibodies (the shots) and hopefully in about a week it will stop. So I am constantly on the pot my legs are permanently indented. My ankles (I will have to put a picture on) are huge bigger than they have ever been. I pushed on my feet they indented about 1" Mom said it looked like my feet were going to pop. It hurt a little but I was curious. I have been on a few walks I love to go to the caf which is my nickname for the cafeteria. I love to look at all the foods then go upstairs and order the food yum yum. I don't eat all but one bite but it's fun to think of all the foods.
Well hope everyone has a great day.

Love Trent

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18th day +104

1st picture: My Aunt Amber, Uncle Mike and cousins visiting from out of town
2nd picture: Me & Dad on Dad's Graduation from college not high school ha, ha, ha!
Today was a good day after 12:00. They upped my morphin even more and I am very happy and in not as much pain. I talked to mom a lot today she even washed my hair that's a miracle! My feet, ankles and legs are about triple what they should be. I am trying to keep the swelling down but nothing is working. So far the med is okay the shot is not fun but they try to numb it first which helps. I sat up and built legos it was fun. I do not have very much energy so I get tired very fast but I will take what I can get!!! Hope everyone has a good day.
Love Trent

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16th: day +102

Well this week has been a little better than the others. They doubled my morphine so I was not in as much pain. I'm still having some pain and cramping but mom and dad were happy I talked with them this week. Mom took me outside and it was nice to feel the warm air. My "poop output" was half what it had been on Wednesday. Everyone was hoping it was a trend but it went back up the next day. The doctors have been waiting for some levels to come up and for verification that the three virus' I have are in check. Today everything lined up so they started the next medicine. It is called Campath. I did not like it because it was a shot. I will get a shot for the next four days and then we wait again. Thanks for all the prayers. Love, Trent.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10th day +96

Today I've been sleeping a lot. My stomach is hurting very bad, I am constantly pushing my morphine button. The doctor came in and said the CD3 (mom put C23 but it's really CD3) antibody is not avaliable. It is a study drug and can not be used. That just stinks but my body will be ok with the 2nd drug, still do not know what it is called but it will work. Hope everyone has a great week.

love Trent

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8th day +94

Yesterday I woke up and my stomach hurt so bad so I fell back to sleep. When I woke up I said to mom "well this is promising" I felt very good. Mom asked if I wanted to go on a walk so we did. It was fun to be up and moving. We went out in the hall and watched the candy machine man stock the cany machine. It was fun and I told mom that I wanted to use a dollar and get a candy. Yum yum. Mom and Dad met with the doctor, mom will tell you about it. Today has been a hard day, my stomach has hurt very bad! Hope everyone has a good day.
Love Trent

Trent is an amazing boy, we have learned so much from his sweet spirit. It has taken a day to think about what we could say to everyone. We knew going into this second bone marrow that Trent's chances were not as good as the first bone marrow but we knew Trent would fight and we would be there helping him along. The first meds they tried weeks ago were what the doctors said "the best drugs they had to help fight gvh". The drugs did help with the skin and liver gvh but not with the gut gvh. His gut is no worse than it has been but it is also not really any better. So right now there are two drugs that they will try. The first one is C23 antibody it attacks the t-cells. It will be given once and then we will wait, it could take weeks to see results. If it works the second med will not be given, if it doesn't work the second med I can't remember the name will be given and we wait again. The problem with these drugs is that infections can occur just like with the other drugs we have used. Trent has been very lucky to not have had any serious infections and we are hoping his body will continue to do the same thing. The doctor was very honest with us and told us these drugs might or might not work. If one of these drugs works Trent's body will be able to mend and we will bring him home. If these drugs do not work or Trent gets a serious infection we will lose him. We have not lost hope and are very thankful we still have options out there. We are thankful for the doctor's and nurses and continue to pray that they will have the guidance to see what is best for Trent. But most important we know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for Trent, whether he keeps him here on this earth or takes him home till we can be together again. We as a family have faith and cling to this knowledge. Thank you all for the prayers, support and love.
Love Jeff & Tiff

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5th day +91

The last few days have been rough. Yesterday I only pooped 150cc that's a record. Mom thought I was plugged up somewhere but today I showed her and pooped a lot!!! I am still throwing up they think it's one of my many levels of something or another so I got taken on some meds for today to see if I would stop throwing up. I had a ct scan today looks ok there is some fuzzy stuff on one of my lungs so they want me to breath deep and inhale some meds. Thursday the doctor's, Dad and Mom are going to talk about all the results and hopefully everyone will agree on a game plan. I got the coolest surprise today some friends brought me a movie I missed in the theaters that I really wanted to see. It made my day a lot brighter and fun so thank you so so much. Have a great day.

Love Trent

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2nd day +88

Yesterday they scoped me and took some biopsies. My stomach does not look normal and my colon looks bad. So we are waiting on the biopsies to see if it still gvh or some infections or both. Hopefully by Monday they will have some news. I am not feeling well at all. Last night I was up every hour throwing up or pooping. It was not fun. I am very tired. Please keep praying for me.

Love Trent