Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spetember 27th

Well we only have a few days at home but as you can see we are having fun. The new house has been nice, I could not believe how nice carpet feels. It's been a while since I've been able to walk on carpet. It has been fun to play in the backyard. We are supposed to go back to the hospital on Friday(09-28). Dr. Barnette wanted us back earlier but mom talked him into an extra day. The test results were not good and the next round is supposed to be extremely hard. Keep us in your prayers and thanks to all that made it possible for me to come home to the house. Love, Trent.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25th - home

Well they took me in for an unanticipated bone marrow aspirate yesterday and then sent me home. The doctors only want me home for a couple of days and we are supposed to go back on Thursday(09-27). It appears I will be starting a very nasting round on chemo when we go back. Thank you for all the help on the house. I spent last night at grandma and grandpa's because the house was not ready but mom and dad stayed up most of the night and I get to sleep in the new house tonight. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible for me to come home to the new house. Thank you and please continue to remember us in your prayers. Love, Trent.

Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21st

Well sorry that I've not written for awhile. Mom and dad have been at the house every night working late trying to get it ready for when I get to go home. Nothing much new this week. I was not eating for the first few weeks so they gave me an appetite stimulant and it worked really well. I have gained nine pounds. It is a lot since I had not gained anything in the past year. Three more days and it has been a month for this stay. We should be going home within a week hopefully. They tell us that we should only be home for about seven days this time before we come back. Thanks to everyone that has helped with the house. It is amazing that almost everything was done within a three week period. Thank you. Love, Trent.

Friday, September 14, 2007

September 14th

Well it's been awhile since we wrote anything. The past week has been uneventful. I still have my black eye but it is turning more yellow. The nose bleeds have come back and been a nuisance this week. Aunt Syd and Nathan came to visit and left guitar hero with me. Dad played it for the first time last night and we had fun. Mom and dad have been busy at the house this past week and have not been getting much sleep. Things are almost done though. Thanks everyone. Love, Trent.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 8th - ride day

Well today started early with the ride. I received a phone call from the group before they left and told them "thank you." There was about thirty motorcycles that went on the ride that took most of the day. Thank you for everyone that organized, participated, and donated. We don't know how to express our appreciation to all those involved. Love, Trent.

September 7th - con't

Well Nate came to visit and we started to sword fight with rolls of construction paper. During the fight I tried a "duck and spin" move but unfortunately there was a chair in the way. I ended up hitting my head and giving myself a black eye. I don't think the doctors think it was very funny because they keep coming in to look at it. Love, Trent

Friday, September 7, 2007

September 7th

We have to thank everyone from the new ward that showed up to finsish the demo and prep work on the house. Everything that we wanted done, plus a few extra things, have been completed. It's amazing to see what was done in one week. Now if things go as planned everything will be put back together before Trent comes home. Thanks again to everyone, we don't know how to express our appreciation. ~ Jeff & Tiff.

update volunteers

love it!!!!! Everyone is so wonderful. Thank you everyone, Jeff & Tiff are look'n great and they're feeling the love. Hope to see everyone at the ride in the morning. I-15 and Bangerter 0830-0900 to register. Some of us are carpooling up to Morgan to buy lunch and hear the raffle, call if you need a ride. Jenni 254-6080 or 712-5494 We will update the blog with any other fun service opts or you can get on the email list( just for Trent) @

Thursday, September 6, 2007

September 6th

Well Melissa Fackrell came to sit with me the other night. Apparently she had been warned that I get a little wild late at night so she came prepared. We had a lot of fun and when I started to get wild she wrapped me in bubble wrap and masking tape. Thanks everyone. Love, Trent.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 5th

Well the move is done and when I go home I get to go home to our house. I just finished the last chemo dose for this round. One more round done without getting sick. All of the prayers and fasts have helped me get through the chemo. Now I get to sit in my room while my levels go down and then wait for them to come back up so I can go home. It should take about three weeks. Thank you. Love, Trent.

We don't know how to thank everyone that came to help us move and demo the new house. We we definetly impressed at what ten guys can do when they try to "one up" each other. The tile did take a little longer than fifteen minutes to remove but we won't tell anyone. Thanks again for all who helped out. ~ Jeff & Tiff

Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 1st

Sorry it's been a few days since we have written. We have been trying to take in all the new information. Mom and dad say I'm a totally different kid since they took me off of the anti-nausea drugs. I'm now on only one medication for nausea instead of four. I'm happy, hyper, and do not throw a fit when I have to get up every two hours. The best part is that I have not been sick and am handling the chemo for now. The paperwork for the bone marrow transpant has been started and should take about eight weeks. We will complete this round of chemo and then move to the transplant. Please remember me in your fast tomorrow. Go Cougars. Love, Trent.