Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th day +162

Fun weekend! Brothers are the best!!

April 28th day +162

Got to the hospital today. Yesterday I wanted to stop time so I would not have to go to the hospital. We did a lot of fun things this weekend. I 4 wheeled, flew kites and went up to the mountains and had some fun. There is so much snow still on the mountains it was so cool. I got all set in my room and they started me off with tons of fluids. I have to pee a lot so my kidneys will not get ruined because of the chemo. After I was going to the bathroom a ton they gave me a lot of anti nausea drugs then started chemo. The first one is 2hrs then one rest hour then ara-c for 2hrs. I just hope I don't throw up at all. They did find blasts in my bone marrow so that is not great news but this chemo will knock them out!!! I will put pictures on when the computer works. Hope all is well

Love Trent

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23th day +157

I found out I have to go to the hospital on Monday. I will have 5 days of chemo, 3 rest days and then on the 5th of May I will recieve the stem cell infusion. I am kinda glad it's happening and hopefully graft vs. host will kill all the leukemia cells. Thanks for all your prayers.

Love Trent

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21st day+ 155

Today at clinic was pretty boring. My platelets are down to 23, my red blood cells are also down so I go in on Thursday and will probably get a platelet and blood transfussion. The donor is our hero, he is going to donate, we are very thankful for him and can't wait to meet him. It will be at least another year till we meet him, and we both have to be ok with it. The coordinator is now on the third donor center to get a sooner date for the stem cell. We are just thankful he is willing to do it! I am bruising like crazy. Tonight with my brothers we were messing around like normal boys and I got 3 new bruises, Mom was not to happy. I will have send a picture.

Love Trent

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 2008

I was at my Grandma's house today and she got a web cam for her birthday and we had a blast playing with it. These are some of pictures we took!

April 17th day +151

Well I will try to tell you what this chimerism test(mom has spelled it wrong and we found out today how to spell it) is that I keep talking about. It is how many donor cells are in me and how many of my own cells are in me. Monday's chimerism test showed there are 73% donor cells and 27% my cells. Of that 27% 2.3% are leukemia cells. They are very concerned about this so I will be going in a couple days a week so they can watch me closely. My platelets dropped again. It sounds like the donor is on board with the stem cell infusion, they all just have to agree on a date. We hope it's sooner than later! It sounds like they are going to do a new chemo drug that has been handled and works well. I am not to excited about the chemo again. We went on a walk today I raced my brother and won him it was so cool.

Love Trent

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15th day +149

The Nurse Practitioner called with ok news. My preliminary bone marrow tests showed I have 2.3% leukemia cells in me, which is good because it's been 6 wks since the last test and it's still pretty low. Like she said we have a little more time to work with so we felt pretty good today. I was pretty sure I would be at 0% and not have to go back into the hospital but I will do what I need to!!! They still have not heard from the donor center yet hopefully soon. I go back on Thursday and hope I do not have to get a platlet transfusion. Me and mom had a movie night tonight watching Harry Potter fun fun.

Love Trent

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14th day +148

Clinic appointment today. Mom and Dad were hoping for some answers but did not get many. The doc's are pretty concerned right now. My platelets have dropped a lot, the cymorism test last week came back with 89% donor cells and 11% my cells so my cells in that test are increasing. They did a bone marrow aspirate and a spinal tap, we just found out there are no leukemia cells in my spine so that's good. During the spinal tap they injected a chemo Ara-c so I don't feel my best. When we got home mom asked if I wanted some tylenol for the pain I told her I was not in pain that my back just hurts! She just laughed at me so needless to say I took the tylenol. They are still in the process of contacting the donor. The donor center has to set a date before they can contact him directly and they have pushed the date till May 5th. Time is not on my side so the bone marrow team is still working on dates. I am having fun in this warm weather and hope to go out in the next couple of days to ride the 4 wheeler. I will let you know on the results, keep praying.

Love Trent

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7th day +142

Today went to clinic, and eye appointment, it's been a long day!! Everything went well at clinic. They are contacting the donor as I type. If all goes well the 14th I will receive a bone marrow aspirate and hopefully the leukemia counts have not risen. On the 21st I will start a heavy duty chemo round and on the 29th the stem cell infusion which is called DLI Donor lymphocyte infusion but I am at the mercy of the donor right now. The dates may change because of the donor's schedule but hopefully will be close to the original dates. My eyes are 20/20, so far there is no damage from the irradiation which is good! So in the next few weeks I am going to play and have fun, and try to forget about everything that is going on. Have a great week.

Love Trent

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5th: day +140

We have been having spam posts so we are moderating the comments. Your comments may not post for others to view right away but will once we review them. We don't want anyone getting stuff they do not want. I'm doing good and having fun. There has been several times during the past few days were I ask questions and have a good cry. We are just focusing on having fun right now. Love, Trent.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3rd day +138

Bad news today the nurse practitioner called us and told us they are very worried about me. Like mom and dad they do not think the graft vs host is working like they wanted it to so they are changing the plan, again. They are going back to the donor and ask if he would donate some of his stem cells. With stem cells there is a greater chance of getting graft vs host so they are hoping he will say yes and it will work. Before the transplant they will do a major round of chemo, worse than anything I have gotten before. They then will give me the stem cells, so we will count down like we did with the bone marrow transplant it's just stem cell transplant this time. I am glad I have another chance at getting rid of the leukemia but am very sad I have to go back to the hospital and throw up and do it all over again! I do have at least 2wks till it will all take place they still need to ask the donor and get that all arranged again. I am pretty scared right now but trust all will be well. I am going to fight and win this once and for all!!!! Please keep me in your prayers and I will let you know.

Love Trent

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, day +137

Yesterday I had a wonderful day!!! Me and my family went to Make A Wish. It was so cool. They spoiled me! The Salt Lake County Sherriff's came, I want to thank my new friends Sherriff Winder, Cheif Hudson, Deputy Gavin, Deputy Fowler, and Deputy Mudrock you made the night so fun with the motorcycle, gun, and dog thank you so much!!! I was so excited I got a Swat hat and only people on the SLCounty swat team can get one but they gave me one everyone was so jealous, it's a nice looking hat!!! I then went up to the wishing room I had my own key to get in. It was was an awesome room, it had a waterfall and a pillar that my wish goes into. It then gets sent to the wishing wizard to grant the wish. I followed a light in the floor then went around the waterfall and put the top of the pillar on and my wish was sent off. After I made my wish everyone in the room had a paper with a wish on it for me. We went around the room and everyone told me their wish it was a neat experience, one we will not forget! I just want to thank Make A Wish and my wish granters for their support, love, and wish. Also thanks again to my new friends you made the night very special and fun.
Love Trent