Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th

I had a blast last night at the Utah Jazz home game. I want to thank President Ollis and the Utah Jazz for getting me there. I met the Jazz players they are so big with big hands and feet. My brothers only dream of being big and tall. Okur gave me his sweat bands from the first half they were still sweaty so cool, mom could barely touch them. Thanks again President you made my night! Have a great day and a Happy Halloween.
Love Trent


Leslie Jean said...

so fun! you and your whole family are so cool! and i'm laughing out loud that you liked the sweaty sweat bands-- you're hilarious trent!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Trent, you and your family are so very lucky. I love the wet sweat bands story. How fun that must have been!

You don't know me Trent but your mom does cause I knew her when she was growing up in Taylorsville. I love your "Hansen" family members and I am sure your Duval family members are just as wonderful. You have really inspired me as I have read your blog. Thanks for being so very brave and for sharing your story with others so we can learn from your example.

Enjoy the trick or treaters that come to your neighborhood for Halloween! I am sure the costumes will be fun to see.

Michon Woods

brees said...

Trent that is so awesome. We were there also, I wish we could have seen you! Wasn't that game great! What a neat opportunity for you and your family. Still thinking of you..... Rees and Blanchard families

Jen and Justin said...

Totally jealous!! I am so glad that you had a great time. Sweat bands? ... Really?

Crystal Erickson said...

Sweaty bands...coool. So glad you have another fun memory to add to your collection. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. You look sooo good- We love and miss you!

marci said...

Trent, you don't know me but I learned of your blog a few weeks ago listening to the sounds of Sunday on FM100. Now I visit it often because you and your family inspire me. Trent, you make me want to be a better person and I thank you for that. The picture of you with Kyle Korver at last night's game is AWESOME!!!! GO JAZZ! Im jealous it is you sitting beside him and not me! Just kidding, enjoy all the festivities tomorrow night and have a Happy Halloween! Love Marci Burgon

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Holloween and don't O.D. on candy. Team Duval all looks great. It appears you are all spending some great family time together and having a lot of neat experiences, what a joy. You are one of the coolest, most gracious and down to earth families I have ever known. I wish I could have seen your moms face with the sweat bands. God Bless and hang in there Trent; you look great. Nurse Rick

darla said...

That is so awesome that you were able to go to the Jazz game and meet the players! You are a brave young man to take those "sweaty" bands from Okur. What a fun memory to have! We love you!
The Shupe Family