Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11th: Memories

We first need to thank everyone who has supported us during this journey. We have blessed and carried by all your prayers. The days are hard right now and we see Trent in everything. We would like to ask for people to put their memories of Trent in this post. We have our memories but would like to have how others interacted with him at school, church, or play. Thank you for everything. Love, Jeff & Tiffany.


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

I have never met Trent, but as soon as I heard about his story I had to follow. I have been following this blog for just a few months and have been so touched by the strength that he had. He was such a great example of love and gratitude towards his Father in Heaven and towards his family and anyone else who helped him along his path. What really amazes me is how he came to terms with his life and it seemed he was at peace of what was going to happen. I don't know if I will ever be able to be feel that way in my entire life and here he was so strong. I will always remember him and strive to be like him.

Sonya Peterson said...

Jeff and Tif,
I remember alot of the things that were talked about on Saturday. The cowboy boots with shorts was the funniest thing.
We were all walking through the school and it was hot. I said I like your boots Trent. And he just looked at me like yea why wouldn't you. I even had to stop by the DuVal house one morning and caught him in jammies and boots. I did not get a chance to ask him about that though, because as soon as Tif opened the door out he ran. There was a battle to be won in the front yard and he was just the man to do it.

The Petersons
(Adam and Sonya and kids)

Jamie, Mark, and Xander said...

I had the privilege of being Trent's first grade teachers. The thing that ALWAYS impressed me about Trent was his genuine concern for other. I remember on the first day of school I was carrying a bunch of stuff and he offered to help me carry it. From that point forward he was always the first one to offer to help others. This also influenced the children to want to help each other. Even though he was only in first grade he was a natural leader and lead by example. He had a spirit of joy around him and it was contagious.
I also remember our class was having a problem with children teasing, so I talked with our class about teasing. I asked the children to help those who were being teased by being a friend and letting teachers know. Whenever someone would start to tease he would always ask them to stop or stand up for person being teased. One specific example was one day a boy on the playground was playing by himself and another boy approached them. I was standing by our trailer and watching to the students, one boy started teasing the other boy, I could not tell the boy was saying but I knew the other boy was feeling sad. I could not hear but knew what was going on so I went to approach the boys when Trent walked over and asked the boy who was being teased if he wanted to come play with him and his friends. It got the little boy out of being teased and made him feel welcome. He even invited the boy who did the teasing and they all played really well together. He always was looking out for others, this was how he was all the time.
I remember his mom emailing me if I had noticed if Trent was feeling sick at school and I told her I had not noticed it. Once in a while he had felt sick but not on a regular basis or if he was he did not mention it. It shocked me when right after the school year ended he was diagnosed with cancer. He was so full of life and strong determination that never got him down. I always saw him with a big smile on his face and will to do his best in everything he did. I am so grateful I got to be one of his first grade teacher. Mrs. Goff and I were luck to have know him and teach him.

Trent will be missed,
Mrs. Jamie Schnegelberger

Chinchilla Twin said...

This is Hannah B. that was in your ward forever and a half ago and my little sister Megan was in his primary class and she would always call him Trent of All because that is what she thought his name was :)

Crystal Erickson said...

We have so many memories it is hard to know where to begin. Jer sent me some pictures of him the other day when we took the kids to play at the park by the fire station. He was always so full of energy and life. He would run and play hard. I can't count how many times I remember looking out my kitchen window and seeing him run between Eldridges and your house playing swords, with his cowboy boots on. I have very few memories that don't include some kind of weapon. He was always so good to include Kayla. I remember the kids in the pool in the back of Melissa's while we all sat out and talked. They got big soo fast! He was always smiling. I can't think of a time I saw him that did not have that beautiful smiling face. He rarely sat still. There was plenty of life to be lived and he lived it to it's fullest. When we went camping he was total boy. He was always total boy, but he was at home in the dirt and loved all the time to run free. I think he was the one who taught my kids how to make the noises for ships and swords and things that fly and zoom. Even over the last year we remember building his pirate ship and lego ships. So many memories. I will e-mail you some pictures. We love you and thank you for sooo many opportunities to love him. He is such a wonderful kid. We love you!

Emily said...

Several years ago I was substituting primary. During sharing time a women asked the children what it means to be chaste. Trent’s hand was the only one that popped up. When called upon he proudly stated that “chasted” means “to run, really, really fast from lions and tigers!!!”

A few years ago we came over to your house just before Christmas. Trent peaked around the living room corner dressed head to toe in his Halloween costume. As soon as he saw we were in there, he came out modeling his costume. I can’t remember what the costume was but I still remember how excited he was to be all dressed up in the middle of the Christmas season. I love this memory because it reminds me how Trent was always looking to have fun and to make other people smile.

We love you!
Luke and Emily

Joy & Casey said...

Jeff & Tiff,
I am sad we haven't lived there for awhile & our memories of Trent are when our kids were so little. I have told you before but Casey and I were laughing lastnight as we remembered Trent running around our back yard in his cowboy boots, shorts and his sword in hand. He would always have the funniest look on his face as he chased Alyssa, Shaylee & Kylie Bunderson across our deck, down the slide and thru the yard while they were screaming. I knew he would never hurt them and we thought it was hilarious. It was so much fun for him and I am sure for the girls-they like to scream and be chased by boys! :) All of your boys were always so cute and well behaved. It also cracks me up I know Trent's middle name is Daniel and I have NO CLUE what Brad & Nate's are...some of our kids just need their middle name attached when they are being stinkers! :)
We sure love ya! Your talks Saturday were incredible...you are in our prayers.
Joy & Casey
By the way...Casey is super excited that Jeff is willing to be his taxidermy assistant-let's move the business to your garage! haha

LaRay G said...

Jeff and Tiff,
I really hope that you continue this blog. I will forever want to know how you are and how Brad and Nate are doing. Please keep us posted.

As for Trent, I will always remember him in my mind with his cowboy boots on. Whether at church with his Sunday best or in shorts, he always wore cowboy boots and a big smile.

cjrichins said...


My name is Jessie, I am Roy's daughter. I am very sorry about your loss. Please know that there are a lot of people that are praying for you all. I have three children and can not imagion walking down this road. May God bless you in every way. You are in my thoughts and prayers. My deepest sympathly.

Tawn said...

Hi Tiffany, I work at O.C. Tanner, I don't remember you really, Deanna Christensen sent your blog out, and you and your family are AMAZING!! Your Boys are all little Angels! And trent, he is now your little Angel looking down on you all! You are all so strong, and have really taught me alot just by keeping up and reading your blog! God Bless you all! And I hope we can become friends:)I didn't know Trent personally, but for some reason I feel just a small connection to him! He will always be thought of as a strong and handsome little boy!!!! Tawnia Allen

Nurse Heidi said...

I served in nursery for a short time when Trent was in there. I remember his mischevious grin the most. That and his fuzzy hair a la Tiffany.

I'm sorry things are hard right now. The letdown after all the excitement dies down is the worst. I'll be doing a 5-6 mile run on Saturday if you want to join me. If you're not up to that kind of distance, I'm happy to go shorter distances during the week.

Tawn said...

Hi Tiffany and family, I work at O.C. Tanner, Deanna Christensen told me that you used to work there years ago, I don't remember you, not sure if you remember me, I obviosuly have never met Trent, but I have been reading his blog, and It might sound crazy, but I feel a connection! What a little Angel! Such a little trooper, his smile could light up the world! And his sweet spirit is lighting up the sky! He is guiding and watching over you all, I just really feel that! I put your link on my blog, I hope you are ok with that, and I hope that we can become friends, I love meeting new friends and great families, and from reading and keeping up on your blog, I can see what wonderful people you all are! GOD BLESS! Tawnia Allen


LFisher said...

I was at a soccer game for my niece who lives in Herriman a few years ago. There was this boy on the opposing team who was just single handedly killing my nieces little soccer team. I looked across the field and saw Jeff Duval standing and watching on. I told my wife there's Jeff, I bet that kid killing us is Jeff's kid. I walked around to say hi to Jeff and it was confirmed the amazing soccer player was Trent.

We have been thinking about you this week. Our prayers are with you. We love you guys. Lance and Jenn.

jenlivi said...

I heard about Trent on KSL radio. I have never met your family but I wanted you to know that your story gave me courage when I needed it. My son has suffered from an undiagnosed illness for almost 4 years. When I heard Trent's story I felt an immediate connection. Thank you for your courage, faith and example. It has lifted me.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that I can remember about Trent is his personality. I can remember going over to the Duval's house to get my hair cut and how every time Trent would run up and try to tackle me down.

Keli said...

I think we moved out of your Ward about the time Trent was born, so I don't have any memories of him of course. But I do see through what he has written in this blog that he was a very special person. Obviously some people are too good for this earth, and he was one of them. Know that he will be very very busy in heaven. There are so many people he gets to be reunited with, and meet for the first time. And know that he expects you to be busy on earth. After losing my mom just a few months ago, I can tell you that staying busy does help. But let the tear come where they may. I cried at WalMart the other day. And I'm okay with that. Don't hold it in and think that will make it go away. It just comes back with a vengeance. Let it out. Best wishes, and know how much you and Trent are loved.

Sean and Keli Clayton

The Dotsons said...

DuVal Family

Thanks for letting us share our memories of Trent. I have thought of Trent often the last couple of weeks. We feel so privledged to have been Trent's primary teachers, what a GREAT kid. Jared loved to tease the kids always, the thing about Trent he could keep up with the teasing. One week Jared was teasing the boys about giving them bowl haircuts. It was fun every one laughed. A few weeks later I had given Jared a real bad haircut. We walked into singing time Trent was there waiting for it to start. He said Hey Brother Dotson nice bowl cut. We laughed well Trent and I laughed so hard. Jared so deserved it. It is a rare occasion that someone can burn Jared and burn him so well. We always had a coloring project each week in class. Trent, Connor and Borther Dotson would color there pictures exactly the same. Trent was such a good boy even when he was extra talkative it was hard to get after because all he had to do was give me that smile and all I could do was smile back. His smile was so warm. He always could answer the questions from the lesson, correctly. Even when I thought he wasn't listening I would ask him a question about what I had just discussed and EVERY time he answered correctly. He knew all of the scripture stories, I often thought what great parents he had to teach him so well about the gospel. We are truely grateful for those experiences with Trent. Are prayers are with you always.

Love Brother and Sister Dotson

Leslie Jean said...

I feel like you guys nailed it for trent: Chicks dig pink, chocolate milk, sour candy, his sleeping mask, pirates, swords, and more pirates.

I will forever remember him turning the hospital bed into a slide, playing with floam and legos, ordering food so he could look at it and smell it (and his prayers of faith that tomorrow he’d be able to eat it), playing swords, funny signs about VIP entrance only, rooms 4409 and 4414, holding my baby and seeing how content george was to be with trent, and hundreds of times that Trent would say something either so profound or so insightful or so hilarious or so straight-forward or so humble or so intelligent or so anything else beyond his years that i would honestly have to remind myself how little and young his body was because his spirit is so big.

still thinking about you guys all the time and praying that all the tender mercies you need will come your way.

Matthew said...


This is Matt Heaps, father of Emily Heaps who had a BMT in August and was a fellow BYU fan. We met occassionally at the hospitality cart. I wanted to express our sorrow for Trent's passing and the humbling and hallowing experience it must be for your entire family. Your furnace of afflication is but for a moment and then you have been purified and filled with beauty. I know this has been the case with you. God bless you!

Matt & Jill Heaps

GoodyGang said...

O.k. I'm going to post, but it would take to long to give all of my memories. I'll give you my first that come to mind.
1. One of the many times our kids gather to play , and were getting wild I asked who wanted to sit with me and read a book. He was the only one that said he would. He sat in my lap and gave me his time, I don't think he wanted me to have to read it alone.
That first day when we came to the hospital I told him I'd make him a deal. I couldn't make him feel better, but I could help mom & dad. He played it all cool, then when we went to leave he jumped up and threw his arms around my neck and sqeezed tight and said deal.
3. All of the times I'd tell him I loved him, and he would say I love you too. ( o.k. sometimes he rolled his eyes, but he always looked me in the eyes right after so I knew he ment it.)
I love you and I am so sorry you have to feel this loss! Thank you for letting me be his secretary. It has been an honor and blessing to our family.

trishthefish said...

Tiffany and Jeff,
I remember when me and Trent went to pre-school together. We always tried to be the first ones there so we could play with the cool bendy blocks. Trent had really good ideas for building dinosaurs with them. I was so excited when I found out we had the same Kindergarten teacher and then sad that I was A.M. and he was P.M. He was always a fun friend to play with and I will never forget him. I miss my friend and I pray for your family. Love Talon Rodriguez

trishthefish said...

I always remember how respectful Trent was when he came to play. I think back to when he was just a little guy and how much fun Talon and Trent would have together. They loved to jump on the trampoline and when they ran out of toys to play with they would think of a game to play. There was always a video game to beat and a treat to be had. I think Talon would've been bored many times at Dakota's basketball games if Trent hadn't been there to play in the hall with. We will miss him terribly and we pray for your family often. Lots of love, Trisha

ejemory said...

Dear Duval family:

I haven't met any of you personally, but I feel a connection with you because of your blog. You were willing to share your experiences in battling this wicked disease and that served not only to strengthen my testimony of a loving Savior, but also to remind me that I'm not totally crazy in experiencing the emotions related to my husband's cancer battle and his death.

My oldest granddaughter is just a few months younger than Trent and she would get on my computer and pull up your blog so she could check on him, sometimes several times a day. Each time she'd check, she'd ask if we could have a prayer for your family. What a humbling experience to see her expres concern and caring for another.

My best to you all as you find your "new normal". Jerri Emory

Amy said...

Congrats on winning the Hilary Weeks contest!

Kim McCann said...

Tiffany, I think about you and your family every day. In fact, my kids still say, "Please bless the DuVal's" in their prayers every nite. I think it is still appropriate and will encourage them to keep doing it. :) (Me too) It was so fun chatting with you at the party on Saturday! You are so funny and so sweet! I didn't get to know Trent very well, but one time when we came to visit you as a R.S. Presidency, I remember Trent hanging out by the door like he didn't want to miss out on what we were saying. He was so cute! He showed us how hairy his meds were making him and I could tell how sweet he was and what a "people person" he was! I followed your blog faithfully for months on end and feel like I know Trent and your entire family so well now. He was such a strong little spirit and I'm sure you felt that too. Thanks for sharing so much with us and I look forward to chatting with you more often! :)

Kerri Taber said...

Duval Family,
This is the Taber's that was in Primary's with you guys for a couple of months. Our son, Alec, was the one that we were always walking the pods in the wagon. We just returned from a check-up and heard the devastating news. Trent seemed to put a fight and I love that you guys have this blog. We met so many people there and will remember all of you forever. I just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless, The Tabers

Steph said...

Jeff and Tif,
We still think of you every day. We hope things are getting a little easier, although I am sure that you miss Trent terribly. Ali still talks about Trent constantly. I am so grateful she was able to have him for a friend and that he touched her life so much. You are in our thoughts and prayers always! Take Care, Stephanie and Alicyn (Ali) Bliss

Sara and Company said...

I've been thinking a lot about you guys lately. You are still in our prayers. ~ Sara Sandburg (Stake Primary Presidency)

LFisher said...

Hey Jeff and Tiff,
I keep meaning to call you guys and see how you are doing. Everytime I think about it its too late to call. Sydney my 9 year old wrote a story about Trent and she has won the Refections contest all the way to State. We'll have to get you a copy. We need to get together some time. Hope you are doing good.

Lance and Jenn

RaeLynn said...

I never met Trent in person...but I feel like I met him on this blog. I always looked forward to seeing an update and even a year after the last post, I was anxious to see an update. I don't think I'll ever forget Trent because he is someone who will stand out in my mind as a child so innocent, pure and happy. I can't imagine how you have been feeling especially with the 1 year mark of his death. I am still so sad for your loss. I love you guys.